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     Music Center Kragujevac was founded in 2010 with the aim of establishing institutional organization of musical life of the city as the activity of common cultural  interest. In this way, the conditions are created for the city's music artists (creators and performers, soloists and ensembles) and city music events (concerts and festivals) to achieve higher artistic merit and fully meet the cultural needs of the citizens of Kragujevac in the field of art music. The Center promotes primarily art music, but also jazz, folk music and other genres represented in the repertoire of ensembles that perform in the organization of the Music Center. The program is designed for music lovers and connoisseurs as well as professional musicians.

     The following specific organizational units operate as a part of the Artistic Sector of Music Center:

          - Kragujevac Symphony Orchestra

          - City Chamber Choir Liceum

          - City Chamber Orchestra Schlesinger

          - City Youth Choir

          - City children's choir

     Since 2011 Music center took over the organization of the International Festival of Chamber Choirs and vocal ensembles which is held biennially.